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If words were mankind’s sole medium of expression, we would’ve seen much less struggle. As it happens, they convey only a fraction of the myriad thoughts that engulf the human mind. The essence of our humanity lies in the way we look beyond physical appearance and blend beauty with emotion. We derive joy from the iridescent dew drop on a single blade of grass, the weightless flutter of a butterfly’s wings, the white fortitude of a crashing wave. Such exquisite elegance transcends words; it must be felt to be understood. We therefore look upon the world through the arts. They convey thoughts and feelings we wouldn’t dare put into words, stripping away pretenses and inhibitions to bare underlying emotions and offer a glimpse into humanity, in all its beautiful starkness.

It is to celebrate this unfettered expression that Shiv Nadar conceptualised ‘Kaafila’, an arts festival. As the name suggests, it is a procession of the arts. It brings together the various art forms in a heady amalgamation of vivid colour and snazzy beats, to create something magical. It is a series of performances and interactional events which help explore different perspectives, skills and emotions. Apart from being celebratory and exploratory, the festival also includes a competitive aspect, with events that seek to challenge our interpretation of the arts, as well as the world, and push us towards a more comprehensive perspective, while broadening horizons and enhancing skills. Music, Dance, Theatre and Art are all doorways that lead to dazzling worlds of whimsical reality. The festival delves deep into each of these worlds, while also offering a glimpse into the new avenues of creativity that open up when these art forms are melded together. It aims to alter our perceptions and reacquaint us with our humanity, while exposing the raw emotion that is the root of all beauty.

This year’s festival, in a shiny new online avatar, explores the possibilities of collaborative work beyond geographical limitations, presents artistic works that have crossed defined boundaries, and begins conversations with practitioners in different fields to reimagine possibilities in the arts; recognising that art has no bounds, and a mere pandemic cannot shut us down! We look forward to the new ‘at home’ version of the Festival, and to turning our constraints into possibilities, as we are always wont to do, in the Arts!


It feels like time has come to a standstill, only the ticking of the clock remains. The days have turned merely into a sequence of numbers. We ask ourselves, “How is today any different from yesterday?”. We are imprisoned within a set schedule, trapped in our flesh prisons, confined to the boundaries of our homes and bound in peripheral creations that seem imperfect and incomplete. And yet, we break free, rise above and move beyond the narrow confines of the head and heart. With a perfect resolve, we step forward and we paint the blank canvas with vivid strokes. With a renewed hope, we sway to the harmonious melodies and the swinging symphonies. We broaden our imagination, creation and expression, all through art. We assert that we are free, for human resilience knows no bounds.

This is possible because we realise that to embark on a journey we need not set out. If we open our eyes, the physical horizon will cease to matter, opening the way to an endless paradise of possibilities. In the realm of physical confinement, we must seek for freedom in the tiniest of things, the things that make us, us. What must we free ourselves from? What are we free to do? What are we free to be? These are the questions which drive us, which guide us.

And thus, Shiv Nadar School has declared ‘Freedom: An Artistic Quest’ as the theme for the upcoming festival.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Kaafila?

Kaafila is Shiv Nadar School Noida’s flagship integrated art fest covering 4 baskets of arts: theatre, music, dance, visual arts

Q. Is there any eligibility criteria to participate in Kaafila?

Most of our events are open to all individuals but students from Grades 9-12 of participating schools will be offered special discounts on the various workshops we offer.

Q. Does Kaafila only offer competitive events?

Kaafila aims to provide students an environment that challenges them into discovering their talent and skills, and to inspire the joy of learning by fostering a culture of creativity. Thus we have decided to keep a vast range of non competitive events along with the competitive events to provide a platform to celebrate the arts.

Q. Why is Kaafila online this year?

We strongly believe that art has no bounds, and a mere pandemic cannot shut us down! This shiny new online avatar, explores the possibilities of collaborative work beyond geographical limitations and presents artistic works that have crossed defined boundaries. We look forward to interacting with people from around the world.

Q. When is Kaafila again?

15th, 16th and 17th of October