“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

All of us perceive the world in unique ways. Visual Arts allows us to capture these interpretations and showcase them in vivid and vibrant forms. Art immortalizes precious moments and serves as a perpetual reminder of the exquisite beauty that surrounds us.

With our lives confined within four walls, everything around us seems monotonous. There is a void of freedom in our lives, and we sit and ponder upon whether its roots are in the sense of liveliness we feel in our pulses when we are out, or in isolation, away from all the worldly chaos. As we search for our answers, perhaps it is time for us to break out of our mundane lives, and add a splash of colour.

In celebration of the power of the Arts, the Visual Arts Department presents Iridescence, a plethora of events that celebrate the multifarious nature of Art. We have a lineup that includes ‘Spirit of Freedom’: The Art Competition, an Islamic Papercraft Workshop, Webinars on Art as a catalyst and a Career, Online Art Market: a Platform for Local Artisans, and lastly, the Bamboo Product Making: a Demonstration, for us to understand and absorb the different versions of freedom that exist in this world, and comprehend our own.

Art is considered as a medium of escape for artists, for it is their imagination that sets them free. The question is, what is freedom in their eyes? Is it black and white, like a charcoal sketch, or does it lie in the vivid strokes of colour on a canvas? Do they feel they have the freedom to take that brush and spill out their original creations on those canvases or are they burdened under societal standards of good and bad art?

Let Freedom Ring

We take immense pride in sharing with you Shiv Nadar School Noida's Virtual Art Exhibition this year! Aligned with the theme of the festival, this exhibition holds the masterpieces made by our grades 9 - 12 students across different visual arts baskets. For best viewership experience, we advise you to open this exhibition on your laptop.

Mental Health - Art project by Sweety Nayak

Through this project, the artist wants to share with people about depression and trauma can lead to.
She also wants to destigmatize the idea of people opening up and sharing their mental health issues.

Our Ignorance of Their Existence

By Raisa Walia and Arushi Tandon, Grade 10
Shiv Nadar School Noida

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Competitive Events

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